Class Schedule

Weekly Schedule

6A Yoga (All Levels Vin. Flow)

11:30A Total Core

12P Yoga (Slow Flow)

5:30P Victory Rally

6A      Victory Rally

12:00P   30-min Endurance Circuit

12:30P  Meditation

6A Yoga  (All Levels Vin. Flow)

11:30A Total Core

12P Yoga (Slow Flow)

5:30P Victory Rally

6A    Victory Rally

12:00P   30-min Endurance Circuit

12:30P  Meditation



12:00P Movement Clinic

4P   Victory Rally

10A Yoga  (All Levels Vin. Flow)

11:15A Endurance Circuit

12P Yoga  (All Levels Vin. Flow)

1PM Victory Rally


Class Descriptions

All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga

All level Vinyasa Flow class set to music with a focus on linking breath and movement, building strength, & mental focus. Creative flowing Vinyasa sequence invigorates the mind and body while developing greater balance and flexibility. Modifications given to all levels of students to create a playful and challenging experience

30-minute Circuit Endurance Training

Intense circuit training using many of the same modalities as our staple group functional strength training, Victory Rally

Lunch Break Slow Flow Yoga

A yoga class for all levels that involves holding poses longer to gain flexibility  Yoga builds strength and stamina in body and mind. Students will improve balance and learn breathing techniques for relaxation

30-minute Lunch Break Meditation

A class consisting of gentle stretching, mindful breathing, and meditation to reduce stress and promote relaxation

Movement of the Week Clinics

A 30-minute clinic on a featured movement or lift that is a staple in functional strength training

Total Core

A 30-minute class that focuses on strengthening everything from knees to elbows, especially the abdominal complex and glutes

Victory Rally

A 55-minute class combining free weights, body weight training, plyometrics and more! This is a high-energy, customized class that can benefit every fitness level for:

  • Total Body Strengthening
  • Muscle Building
  • Improved Core Strength & Balance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss & Fat Burning

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